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Join Our Family at Apple Tree

We take our outings into the community, where our Wagon Bus takes our residents on adventures!


What Makes Garden’s Unique?

At Gardens, we live up to our name we bring the outdoor life indoors for our residents to enjoy!


Our Services and Benefits

Our specialty trained staff helps our residents of our Type II facility with extra aid and care.

Retirement Homes and Community

Are you searching for the perfect assisted living home for your loved one that is close to you and your family?

At Cozy Retire, we offer three assisted living locations in Utah to better serve you and your loved ones. Our retirement communities in Davis County and Weber County offer personalized assisted living and care services, ensuring that our residents live comfortably and live life to the fullest.

Moving to an assisted living is never an easy decision to make, for you or your loved one. While it’s imperative to get the necessary care they can no longer provide for themselves, the choice to move away from their home to a new place can be difficult.

At Cozy Retire, we strive to make our assisted living communities in Kaysville, Layton, and Ogden, comfortable and welcoming places to live. Our communities are truly a home away from home.

Through our personalized care services and programs, we ensure that all our residents enjoy living in our accommodating communities. Our strategic locations also ensure that you or your loved ones are never too far away from family and friends.

Regardless of where you are located, there is a Cozy Retire assisted living community near you. We will make you or your loved one feel comfortable and at home. Our staff is highly trained and has years of experience with the various and essential aspects of assisted living services.

Our well-trained and experienced staff at each of our retirement communities in Layton. Kaysville and Ogden ensure that our cares are personalized and specific needs are always met. But beyond providing all the essentials for a comfortable retirement, we strive to make sure that you or your loved one never lose an important part of life – independence.

Our assisted living centers allow our residents to live with personal independence and respect, while at the same time providing them with the care they require when they need it most.

Each of our Utah assisted living facilities is known for its unique qualities and unparalleled service. No matter which community you choose, you can select your own floor plan, attend social events, and enjoy nutritious meals. Our staff goes above and beyond to help you or your loved one age gracefully.

What Our Customers Say About Us

  • The Kind and caring staff have absolutely not only saved my father's life, but make it worth living. There are no words to convey our gratitude to them for all their hard and selfless work. Thank you so much, from all of his family and friends. Please keep up the excellent work! I know it is often a thankless job, but each of you are so appreciated. "Thank you" isn't enough. I hope one day I can find the words. Love to each of your and your families! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Apple Tree Assisted Living Center is an AMAZING place! I love the activities, the outings, the Bingo games, the Parties, the crafts, the quilts we make and tie, the needlework we do together, even the exercise we do together, and I love it when we go out shopping and eat out together! We are so much like a family here, it kind of replaces my family back home in South Carolina! I only have one daughter here and that's my only family! So it gets kind of lonesome when she is busy and works all week and goes to school! It feels like home here! And I appreciate all the staff and residents for the way they treat each other!
  • The activities people are excellent at planning and executing great activities for the residents keeping the active and involved. I was able to stay with my wife during my visits and partake in the meals with her for a very fair $12.00 per day for a good tasty fare. A beautiful and well maintained facility. The staff is excellent, kind to the residents, caring and hard working. As my wife took a very steep decline in her last four weeks of life, I did move my wife to a intense nursing care facility for total hands on care. All in all...I would recommend this facility to anyone with memory care issues
  • We really liked Apple Village, and we’re on a waiting list. We liked the atmosphere and the friendliness of the people. The staff was very friendly, and we were impressed.
  • Apple Village was nice. The staff seemed to be excellent. They had a full schedule of activities. I would have liked to see more of a walking area for the residents who can assist themselves.
  • I chose Apple Village for the atmosphere, the way it was decorated, and its proximity to my home. It seems like a little town instead of a hotel. It’s smaller, has a spectacular view of the mountains, reservoir, and the trees. The dining setup is great, they have a beautiful dining room, and my parents are very happy with the food. They have crafts, bingo, exercise, outings, choir, and parties.
  • The dining room was absolutely gorgeous. They have different sizes and different prices. Her room is beautiful. It has a balcony. It is beautiful. Overall, they're great!
  • My grandfather lived at this facility for about a year and it was great. The staff was very friendly and they really interact well with the patients. What I really liked about the staff is that they would really sit down with my grandfather and talk to him when he just wanted to talk, they would really work hard on being his friend, not just a nurse that is there to make sure he takes his medicine and cares for himself. The facility was very clean and organized. They had alot of great events at the facility for people to participate in like games and even bus tours of local attractions and other things. They were really good about getting Grandpa to do some daily exercise and to make sure he was eating nutritious meals. The rooms at Apple Village are very large and they really feel more like an apartment than just a room. Grandpa moved to the Memory Care and you would just use a code to go in and out of the area where he was. It was really great knowing that he was safe and wouldn't accidently wander away.
  • Apple Tree Assisted Living looks fantastic, and the price is extremely reasonable. The staff who gave me the tour is terrific, friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic. I was just impressed as to how they seem to care, and how they love their job. They have a large garden area with tropical plants which gives the place a beautiful, natural feel. It’s very clean. The whole place feels nice, and comfortable.
  • Apple Tree is really nice. It was clean, and the staff is very nice. The care is great. The people who are in there seem very happy. We actually have a singing group that performs there quite regularly so we are very familiar with that facility. The people have a good a rapport with one another. They seem very happy, well taken care of, and seem to enjoy what they have going on there. They have good rooms. There are three different sizes of room availability. It is bright and has nice white halls. It is very nice, and I'm very pleased with it.
  • We had a positive experience at Apple Tree. They respected my father's privacy if he does not want to join in an activity, but they were glad to help him if there was something that he was interested in. They tried to make sure they did something that he would like. It was very clean, the food was wonderful, and the facilities were nice. The staff was fantastic; they were very friendly.
  • When I first walked in Apple Tree, it was very clean. There were lots of open air and sunlight coming in. They had a vacancy at that time so we decided to move one of my parents there. This facility far exceeds my expectations. Their rooms are very nice and of good size. They have windows in their rooms. They have a very caring staff. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. My grandfather moved into this facility shortly after grandmother died because he did not want to live at home alone anymore. This was an excellent facility for him as he was still independent and could drive. They had several different floor plans to choose from and so he chose one that was larger in order to have room for family to come and visit and to bring his couch and other furniture from home. This really helped to make the assisted living center feel like his home. We loved coming to visit, the staff was really nice and the facility wasn't really large, so it was easy to find his room. They helped grandpa with daily things like getting ready and making sure he was eating and taking his medicine. It was nice knowing that the staff was there around the clock and they really did a great job making the transition easy for everyone. Grandpa loved having his own room with a private entrance, this really made it feel much more like a real apartment to him and he really loved having guest to entertain at his new house. The nursing staff was really great about informing the family about upcoming activities and events so we could even come and participate in them with grandpa.
  • As a team member of Brighton Home Health and Hospice, I have the opportunity to visit Apple Tree Assisted Living frequently. One of the things that I think is unique and special about this facility is the amount of plants, fish, birds, and flowers that they have brought indoors! For some who live there I imagine getting outside is not always easy, and they have found a way to bring the positive impacts of being around plants inside the building. The calming influence of nature is felt when you walk inside in addition to their friendly and personable staff. I always see the residents here engaging in fun activities! The Director of care is genuine and knowledgeable. I've witnessed her respectful interactions with the residents and her ability to meet their needs. I would recommend Apple Tree Assisted Living to a loved one.
  • Gardens Assisted Living was very nice. The people were great. The rooms were smaller than other facilities, and mostly the shower area of the rooms were smaller. My brother-in-law is a big guy, so he would have had to use the shower that they had down the hall. For a smaller person, it was probably fine. They have a hair salon and a nice area out in front for people to sit. They have activities. We didn't eat there, but they had a nice area for the people to spend with their families in the front lobby area. They're very accommodating. They had sliding glass doors that went out onto individual patios and it was all on one level. It's older, but there's a lot of space in the hallways. They have birds and plants in the middle. I was very impressed with the staff. I've also had another friend that was there and it was fine.


feat-1Come experience our lush trees, soothing water features, chirping birds, and feed the fish as we bring the outdoors inside!

feat-2No need for stairs or elevators in our community. We offer the simple convenience of a single floor plan with bright open hallways filled with natural light

feat-3Apple Inn at Apple Village: Our care is designed specifically for residents affected by Alzheimer’s or other dementias in our specialized, secure Memory Care.

feat-4We Don’t Just Live, We Live Lively in our Communities!