3 Tactics for Preventing Senior Brain Injuries

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3 Tactics for Preventing Senior Brain Injuries

tactics preventing senior brain injuries

Did you know that March is Brain Injury Awareness Month? This is a particular time where we can highlight the risks of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including those who may be at-risk for them — including some seniors.

At Cozy Retire, themes like fall prevention and physical safety — which play a role in avoiding not only brain injuries, but also many other types — are important parts of our caring services for our assisted living community. As this is a month where highlighting this condition is important, let’s go over some basic tips we utilize, and can offer to any senior or senior caregiver, on how to avoid the risks of brain injuries during the course of daily life.

Improve Living Conditions and Surroundings

Falls and related accidents are the single most common cause of brain injuries in seniors. This is largely due to slips, trips and falls that can occur when seniors are living in unsafe or substandard conditions. Making sure your loved one’s living environment is as safe as possible is a critical step in preventing brain injuries.

Some easy things you can do include:

  • Remove tripping hazards like wires and cords from walking paths
  • Ensure stairways and hallways are well-lit and clear of obstacles
  • Install grab bars in bathrooms
  • Make sure living areas and bedrooms are clutter-free

This is just a partial list — depending on your unique circumstances, there may be other things you can do to make a senior’s home or living quarters safer as well.

Regular Exercise

By participating in regular exercise, seniors will see significant improvements to themes like balance and coordination — both of which play a role in fall prevention, and can help reduce the risk of brain injuries.

There are many types of exercises seniors can participate in to stay safe. Some simple recommendations include things like yoga or Tai Chi, which are actually specifically designed for seniors and focus on improving balance and coordination. In addition, regular walking or light cardio can help improve heart health and circulation, which are both important factors in preventing falls.

Reviewing Medications

If you or your senior loved one take several prescription medications, it’s good to periodically review which you’re taking and their pertinent details with a doctor. Changes to the body over time may mean that a medication which was once safe may no longer be, and vice versa. Additionally, dangerous drug interactions can occur if someone is taking multiple medications — so it’s always best to have an expert weigh in on whether any changes should be made.

In some rare cases, improper medication interactions could lead to issues like dizziness or other balance problems, which could easily lead to a fall and subsequent brain injury.

For more on how to limit the risks of brain injuries in seniors, or to learn about any of our senior living community programs, speak to the staff at Cozy Retire today.