3 Ways of Improving Senior Parkinson’s Care

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3 Ways of Improving Senior Parkinson’s Care

improving senior Parkinson’s care

As April marks Parkinson’s Awareness Month, it’s an ideal time to take a look at this condition and how those who live with it – and their caregivers – can manage it. Parkinson’s tends to impact many seniors in particular, including those in assisted living or nursing home settings, but the right basic approaches allow for an active, engaged method of managing it.

At Cozy Retire, we’re happy to assist seniors in managing any conditions they may deal with as part of our caring senior living and assisted living community programs for seniors throughout Kaysville, Layton, Ogden and nearby areas. Here are some basics on a few important parts of Parkinson’s maintenance while in any kind of assisted living community.

Diet and Dining Habits

When it comes to managing Parkinson’s, diet is key. With that in mind, it’s important to plan healthy meals and snacks that provide nutritional value while also giving seniors the energy they need to keep up with their day-to-day activities. Senior living communities often feature meal plans that can be tailored to meet specific dietary needs.

Seniors should eat a fiber-rich diet that will help them stay regular and maintain a healthy weight. They should also drink lots of water to stave off dehydration – this can sometimes be caused by medications for Parkinson’s.

Importance of Regular Activity

Another key element of managing Parkinson’s is regular exercise. Not only can physical activities such as walking and yoga help seniors keep their strength up, but they can also help reduce symptoms related to this condition – and help guard against feelings of loneliness or isolation in the process.

Regular movement also helps maintain mental clarity while reducing the risk of falls or other accidents. An assisted living setting often has staff members who can provide guidance on appropriate types of exercise and help seniors stay balanced.

Specialists to Consider

There are several specialists who may be very helpful to seniors managing Parkinson’s, including:

  • Physical therapists: These professionals provide guidance on how to perform exercises and activities in addition to providing adaptive equipment for older adults with mobility issues.
  • Occupational therapists: Occupational therapists can help seniors struggling with Parkinson’s develop strategies for managing daily tasks, such as dressing and eating, while also helping them adapt their homes or living areas as needed.
  • Speech-language pathologists: Those who struggle with Parkinson’s can often benefit from working with a speech-language pathologist to help maintain their speech and swallowing abilities.
  • Neurologists: This type of doctor specializes in treating conditions affecting the nervous system, including Parkinson’s. A neurologist can provide guidance on medications and therapies that may help relieve symptoms.

At Cozy Retire, we’re happy to work with numerous specialists who can make visits to our assisted living community and provide guidance on managing Parkinson’s. We also make sure that our care team is well-educated on the latest approaches to helping seniors manage this condition.

Contact us today if you or someone you love could benefit from our senior living programs in Kaysville, Layton, Ogden and nearby areas!