4 Ways of Assisting an Ogden Senior Loved One With Diabetes

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4 Ways of Assisting an Ogden Senior Loved One With Diabetes

assisting senior loved one diabetes

For those who provide caregiver duties to a senior loved one who deals with diabetes, this is a year-round concern that requires regular attention. Because November is National Diabetes Month, however, it’s a good time to spotlight this condition and how those who are assisting someone with managing it can go about approaching the situation.

At Cozy Retire, we offer numerous caring services in our senior living community for seniors in Ogden and nearby parts of Utah, including assistance with any medical conditions they may be managing. If you’re a family member or caregiver of an elderly person with diabetes, what are some simple ways you can provide assistance on a regular basis? Here are some simple tips.

Help With Making and Attending Appointments

Those with diabetes will typically have to attend periodic appointments with their primary care physician and/or an endocrinologist. As a caregiver, you can assist by helping to make these appointments in advance and then providing transportation to and from the appointment times. This will ensure that your loved one is keeping up with their required medical care.

Assistance With Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels

One of the most important aspects of managing diabetes is closely monitoring blood sugar levels. The senior in your care will need to check their blood sugar regularly throughout the day, and you can provide assistance with both the testing process and recording of the results.

For instance, you can help to prepare the testing supplies in advance and then be on hand to offer moral support during the actual testing. You can also help to record the results in a logbook or diabetes management app.

Medication Management

Another key element of diabetes care is taking medications as prescribed. This can sometimes be difficult for seniors to keep track of, especially if they are taking multiple different medications for other conditions as well.

As a caregiver, you can help by keeping track of what medications need to be taken and when. You can also set up a system of reminders, whether that means physical reminders (e.g., Post-It notes) or electronic ones (e.g., setting alarms on a smartphone).

Diet and Exercise Assistance

Diet and exercise are also both important aspects of managing diabetes. As a caregiver, you can help your loved one to develop and stick to a healthy diet plan. This may involve meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking meals. You can also encourage physical activity by going for walks or participating in other forms of exercise together.

At Cozy Retire, we understand that managing diabetes can be a challenge, both for seniors and for those who provide care for them. That’s why we offer a variety of services to help, including assistance with appointments, medication management, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your loved one live a healthy and happy life, or for help with any of our senior living community services for Ogden and nearby clients.