8 Possible Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease to Be Aware Of

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8 Possible Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease to Be Aware Of

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There are certain conditions that sadly impact seniors much more commonly than other people, and a good example here is Alzheimer’s disease. And because June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, this is a perfect time to talk about this condition as it relates to seniors — particularly, how caregivers and even seniors themselves can spot some of the early signs of this memory loss condition.

At Cozy Retire, we’re happy to assist many of our assisted living community guests who deal with Alzheimer’s, dementia or any other memory-related condition. What are some of the most common early signs of Alzheimer’s? Here’s a list for both caregivers and seniors alike, ensuring the signs of this condition can be identified early so proper treatments can be applied.

Memory Loss Disrupting Daily Life

Perhaps the single most common sign of Alzheimer’s disease is memory loss that disrupts daily life. This can manifest in many ways, but a few examples include forgetting recently learned information, asking for the same information repeatedly and increasingly relying on memory aids or family member reminders.

Challenges in Planning or Solving Problems

If you’ve noticed your elderly loved one struggling more with planning or solving problems than they used to, this could be another sign of Alzheimer’s. This manifests differently for everyone, but some common examples include difficulty completing familiar tasks at home or at work (e.g. following a recipe), taking longer to complete these tasks and having trouble understanding something if the instructions are not clear.

Trouble With Time or Place

In other cases, those with Alzheimer’s disease may have trouble understanding time or place. This can look like losing track of the date or the season, not knowing where they are or how they got there and having repeated questions about time.

Changes in Visual Perception

Alzheimer’s can also lead to changes in visual perception. For instance, a person may have trouble reading, judging distance and determining color or contrast. This may cause problems with driving.

Trouble With Familiar Tasks

Another sign of Alzheimer’s disease is trouble completing familiar tasks, such as following a recipe or balancing a checkbook. This can be due to issues with short-term memory loss and changes in visual perception.

New Problems With Words

If your elderly loved one is having trouble following or joining a conversation, this could be another sign of Alzheimer’s disease. This may manifest as trouble finding the right word, calling things by the wrong name (e.g. saying “watch” instead of “clock”), repeating themselves or speaking in very simple sentences.

Misplacing Things

People with Alzheimer’s disease may also start misplacing things in strange places. For instance, they may put their car keys in the freezer or their wallet in the oven. They may also accuse others of stealing when they cannot find something.

Changes in Mood or Judgement

Finally, Alzheimer’s disease may also cause changes in mood or judgement. For example, a person may experience increased anxiety, depression, suspicion or irritability. They may also have more trouble coping with change and making decisions.

While these are some of the most common early signs of Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to note that they can also be indicative of other conditions. If you’re concerned about your elderly loved one’s memory, the best thing to do is to consult with their doctor for a professional diagnosis.

At Cozy Retire, we understand how difficult it can be to watch your loved one struggle with Alzheimer’s disease or any other memory-related condition. Speak to our staff today to learn about the programs and services we offer in this realm.