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  • Merrilee
    I've been working as a CNA for Apple Village for six months now and I still can't help but smile every time I come to work. I love the residents and helping them, I love the other coworkers, and I love the supportive atmosphere! I highly recommend working here if you're looking for a high quality job.
  • Brady
    I have worked at Apple Village off and on for several years. I have loved my experience as an employee. Apple Village has a friendly work environment and great employees. The residents here are fun and love our staff. The Nursing Staff are extremely helpful and very approachable. It's been a pleasure to work here and I would recommend working here to anyone. I am sure you will have an enjoyable experience!
  • Shawnny
    My name is Shawnny and I've been with Apple Village as a CNA for almost two years and I love it! The facility is a great environment and we get compliments on it all the time. The co-workers are awesome and everyone works together. The managers are amazing and try extremely hard to work with your schedule. And most importantly, the residents you work with will make your day! I have so many great experiences and memories from working at Apple Village!
  • I have been working at Apple Village since March of 2016. I have greatly enjoyed my time working at Apple Village. The other CNA's, Med Technicians are helpful, kind and are a great work--and outside of work--support system. The RNs, Kami and Mandi, are always willing to answer questions or offer advice with how to help some of our residents who can be a little difficult. Working at Apple Village is very rewarding; the residents are always very thankful for the help and care we as aids give them. You can't leave work without receiving a hug, compliment or piece of candy. Come work at Apple Village it will make a difference in your life.