June 14, 2022
signs Alzheimer’s disease

8 Possible Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease to Be Aware Of

There are certain conditions that sadly impact seniors much more commonly than other people, and a good example here is Alzheimer’s disease. And because June is […]
May 10, 2022
types arthritis indicators seniors

2 Types of Arthritis and Their Indicators in Kaysville Seniors

There are several health conditions that tend to become more common as we age, and one good example here is arthritis. And because May is National […]
April 12, 2022
early signs Parkinson’s disease

6 Potential Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

At Cozy Retire, it’s our pride to provide a number of different guests with varying health conditions all the services and assistance they may need. Our […]
March 8, 2022
tactics preventing senior brain injuries

3 Tactics for Preventing Senior Brain Injuries

Did you know that March is Brain Injury Awareness Month? This is a particular time where we can highlight the risks of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), […]