How Family Involvement Impacts Assisted Living

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March 15, 2017
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July 1, 2017
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How Family Involvement Impacts Assisted Living

For seniors in an assisted living facility or requiring additional care in their later years, family support means the world. At Cozy Retire, our retirement community programs are tailored toward heavy family participation with the goal of keeping loved ones thoroughly involved.

What are the exact areas in which family support benefits many seniors? Let’s look at some of the basics.


Some seniors have lost many of their closest friends or relatives, and family support can be some of the few connections left in their lives. Familiar people to see and speak with can be a major quality of life boon, along with little bits of help with tasks or other items here and there.

This doesn’t have to be an entire huge family, though of course the more the merrier – but even a few devoted family members giving of their time can make a huge difference in comfort and happiness. Even if seniors are unable or unwilling to verbalize how meaningful your presence is as a family member, it will be incredibly meaningful nonetheless.


From a practical standpoint, many seniors need family members as a general advocate. Some elderly people struggle to assert themselves, whether it’s due to communication problems or other roadblocks, and family members are needed to step up here. They can help with any language barriers, and make any caregiver needs known in simpler terms.


Family members are also often the primary social outlet for some seniors, a vital role. The human brain stays healthy through regular social contact – this is a major part of our memory care program as well, so you’re helping with two needs in one action. Family members are always a welcome addition to the life of a senior, and providing a social option is a kindness many people couldn’t live without.

Want to learn more about the role of family in our retirement home program, or any of our other services? The caretakers at Cozy Retire are standing by.