3 Factors When Selecting Memory Care Community

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3 Factors When Selecting Memory Care Community

factors selecting memory care

For caregivers, family members or anyone else close with an older loved one where memory care services are being considered, this is a unique and important area of senior living and care. Memory loss can lead to a number of different issues, from decreased verbal skills to safety concerns and many others, and finding the proper care to address any of these problems that might be taking place is very important, and will require some quality research.

At Cozy Retire, we’re happy to offer a wide range of assisted living community services, including robust memory care staff and solutions that serve numerous seniors who need this sort of help. If you’re among the caregivers or family members beginning to explore memory care options for a loved one, what are some of the top areas you should be investigating? Here are several to keep in mind as you talk to our staff about our programs, laid out in this two-part blog series.

Techniques and Care Delivery

First and foremost, it’s vital to note that caring for older people with memory loss issues is very different from other forms of senior care. There are many more specifics involved, and these may vary between different memory care communities.

For example, one of these methods is known as validation, which is commonly used to assist seniors dealing with cognitive decline. It involves significant communication themes, plus others that help relieve the stress of memory loss while improving independence, happiness and dignity. Not all communities use the validation method – if they use something else, inquire about the specific details here.

Staffing and Caregiver Responsibilities

In addition, inquire about staffing themes for any memory care community you’re looking into. Specifically, ask about the general ratio of caregivers to residents will be, both during the daytime and during overnight periods (caregiver numbers tend to be a bit lower overnight, but only marginally so in memory care settings because many suffering from memory loss may have needs at night as well). Also do your best to observe the facility during your tour and gauge whether the numbers you’ve been given here appear accurate.

Daily Structure

Structure is a vital theme for those suffering from memory loss, and often helps decrease stress by lowering a senior’s reliance on their short-term memory. Ask about the kinds of daily activities and structure that will be offered to residents of any memory care community, plus themes like dining services, enrichment activities and others that will play a similar role. In addition, confirm that the community you’re considering is able to tailor and customize activities and structure for specific residents, something that’s vital within memory care, as no two cases are identical.

For more on important qualities to evaluate in a memory care community, or to learn about any of our senior living or other services, speak to the staff at Cozy Retire today.