3 Important Senior Living Search Factors to Consider

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3 Important Senior Living Search Factors to Consider

senior living search factors

Like with many other important life decisions, those who are thinking about a move to a senior living community and their caregivers should be carefully considering their options. There are a number of quality such communities available in your area, and you should be completing detailed research for multiple options rather than simply choosing the first that you see.

At Cozy Retire, we strongly encourage prospective residents of our assisted living, memory care and other retirement communities to compare us to other communities in the area – both because we want the very best care for all seniors, and because we’re supremely confident we’re the ones best suited to provide it. While you’re doing your research, whether as a senior yourself or a caregiver assisting a loved one, what are some of the top variables you should be considering? This two-part blog series will go over several important areas.

Lay Out Your Priorities

While some of the basic elements of senior care will be similar in most communities, there will be a number of specific features, amenities or programs you’re looking to prioritize. These themes can be wide-ranging, including everything from basic aesthetics and decoration to the programs offered, qualifications of staff or many others.

As you get started with the search process here, it’s important to lay these out and prioritize them. Which features of a given assisted living community are must-haves for your situation, and which are simply strong desires? Making a tiered list is often a good way to keep all your top priorities in order and ensure nothing is missed.

Making Basic Comparisons

This is also a good time to begin identifying some of the top options in your area, then comparing them in basic ways. Here are some simple themes to inquire about:

  • Which services, programs and amenities are included in care for the basic monthly price? Are there additional services that can be obtained for extra fees?
  • Are there currently rooms available in the community within your desired time frame? If not, are openings expected in the near future, and is there a waiting list? If such a waiting list exists, does it require a commitment?
  • How does the community you’re considering fit in terms of your listed priorities from our section above, and would you be forced to sacrifice in any must-have areas?

Reviews and Reputation

Like with any other service business, one great way to narrow down your research is to use various tools at your disposal to learn about a senior living community’s reputation and historical quality. There are several resources you can use here, from compliance with state regulations (this information can be found online) to Google reviews and other forms of online assessment.

In addition, senior care is often a realm where word-of-mouth is very powerful. If you have other family members who have had a great experience in a given community, or if other friends recommend it based on quality experiences, this is a good sign – and on the flip side, if someone you trust strongly recommends against a given community, learn more about why before considering that community.

For more on how to choose the ideal assisted living community, or to learn about any of our senior living services or programs, speak to the staff at Cozy Retire today.