4 Tips for Seniors for Eat Better, Eat Together Month

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4 Tips for Seniors for Eat Better, Eat Together Month

seniors eat better, eat together month

October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month, a month meant to both bring families together and improve health and dietary areas for everyone involved. There are numerous people who stand to benefit from participation in Eat Better, Eat Together Month, and seniors are definitely one of the most notable.

At Cozy Retire, dietary needs and services are some of our top priorities within our assisted living and senior living communities for seniors in Kaysville, Layton, Ogden and nearby areas. What are some ways seniors in particular can benefit from this month, and some strategies for making the most of it from both family and health perspectives? Here are a few simple suggestions.

Bring the Whole Family Together

One of the chief goals of Eat Better, Eat Together Month is to bring families together in a fun and engaging way. For seniors, this can be especially important – many may live alone or not have as much social interaction as they once did, so having their loved ones gather around for meals can provide a huge boost both mentally and emotionally.

Families might consider designating one night each week during October as a family dinner night, with everyone taking turns to cook or help prepare the meal. Seniors who live in assisted living communities can also invite their fellow residents and caregivers to join in on these meals and foster even more connections within the community.

Promote Healthy Eating

As people age, their nutritional needs can change, and seniors may need to pay closer attention to certain aspects of their diets. Eat Better, Eat Together Month is a great opportunity for families to work together on promoting healthy eating habits for seniors. This could include choosing more nutritious ingredients when cooking meals or attending nutrition workshops or classes together.

Try Some New Things

Another great aspect of this month is the chance to explore different types of cuisine and foods together as a family. Seniors can try new recipes or dishes that they may have never had before, and families can get creative with ingredients or cooking methods. This not only adds some excitement to meals, but it also helps seniors expand their palate and discover new healthy options.

Improve Overall Health

Lastly, participating in Eat Better, Eat Together Month can have multiple positive effects on seniors’ overall health. Improved nutrition and dietary habits can help prevent or manage certain health conditions that are common among seniors, such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Eating together as a family can also promote mental well-being by reducing stress and providing a sense of belonging and connection.

Eat Better, Eat Together Month is a wonderful opportunity for seniors and their families to come together, have fun, and improve health and well-being. At Cozy Retire, we encourage all our residents and their loved ones to take part in this month and make some meaningful changes in their lives. Happy eating!