Common Senior Vision Issues and Their Meanings

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September 1, 2017
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Common Senior Vision Issues and Their Meanings

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At the assisted living communities of Cozy Retire, our caregivers are trained to provide excellent care and comfort to seniors while also watching for signs of potential health complications that need to be addressed. One common area for many seniors is vision issues, which develop more frequently in older adults.

January was National Glaucoma Month, where awareness is heightened for one of the sneakiest vision diseases out there. What are some signs of this and other vision issues in seniors, as well as vision issues that may signal more significant conditions? Here are a few to be aware of.


If you notice “floaters” in one eye or the other, this is a common early warning sign of a detached retina. Sudden bursts of light or color reported by a senior may also be signals here. This condition will require immediate medical attention, and may result in eye loss otherwise. If your loved one has had cataracts removed in the past, they’re at a higher risk.

Macular Degeneration

This condition, the leading cause of blindness in seniors, can be seen with a few warning signs. Seniors might notice trouble recognizing or differentiating colors, issues reading signs, or a dark spot in the center of their vision line.

Sudden Blurring or Loss of Vision

This can happen in one or both eyes, and could mean a serious problem – it’s one of the first signs of a stroke, and you should call 911 right away if a senior reports this happening. Do not wait and see if it resolves on its own.

Blind Spots

Blind spots may be caused by a variety of health issues, with the most common being blood pressure and diabetes. These both increase pressure on the blood vessels near the eye, and they can lead to vision loss over time if they aren’t treated.

For more on common senior eye conditions to watch out for, or to learn about any of the services we offer in our retirement community, speak to the caregivers at Cozy Retire.