Easing the Assisted Living Senior Transition

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January 15, 2018
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Easing the Assisted Living Senior Transition

caregiver assisting an old man to hold a ball

For many caregivers involved in assisted a senior loved one, one of the toughest periods of all can be when it come time to make the change to an assisted living facility. This transition is often difficult, combining a lack of desire to move with the kind of signals many seniors feel this move sends about their aging, their independence and their place in life.

At Cozy Retire, we’re here to help. Our senior living programs include significant consideration for new residents, with tactics to help them get involved and adjust to their new surroundings. But as a caregiver, you can help as well – here are several tactics for making this transition a little easier.

Early Involvement

You don’t have to wait until your loved one moves in to get both them and you involved in the community. You’ll surely make at least one visit in advance of committing – make this more than one visit if needed, and consider taking part in some of our basic activities. We’d love to have you for a quick sampling of our community events or one of our enrichment activities, which can help you meet other tenants and get involved early.

Downsizing Without Eliminating Environment

Perhaps the largest struggle of this move for many people is keeping the homely feel your loved one is used to while also downsizing to what’s often a smaller space. Spend time researching best downsizing practices in advance, including using online resources that can help you maximize your space. In addition, be sure your loved one’s most treasured possessions are always brought along.

Visitors and Housewarming

The first few weeks after the move are a vital time. Schedule regular visitors, including family and friends of the senior in question, so they don’t spend too much time alone. At the same time, leave them time during the day to meet other residents and make new friends.

Down similar lines, if your loved one is up to it, consider a small housewarming party at their new senior living facility. We’re happy to help with any planning needs here.

Prepare for Difficulties

No matter what, remember that this transition will come with some bumpy periods. There will be emotional days, and there will be easier ones. If you and your loved one both go into the process expecting this sort of thing, it’ll be easier to manage.

For more on making the transition to senior living a smooth one, or to learn about any of our assisted living programs, speak to the caregivers at Cozy Retire today.